Lewis N. Clark

Leveraging the brand and market strength of Lewis N. Clark allows retailers to have an edge in an otherwise crowded travel accessories market. It’s been meeting the changing needs of travelers for nearly 30 years, with product categories ranging from comfort and personal care to organization and security. Expand your travel product offerings with Lewis N. Clark today.

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The UrbanGear Collection includes multipurpose and durable items that make everyday life easier. Offering pocket-sized convenience, they do everything from fixing common problems like loose screws and hangnails, to bundling your cables and sports gear. UrbanGear is engineered to prepare you for any situation.


Cabeau was created in 2009 after its founder was forced to use an uncomfortable neck pillow on a long international flight. Knowing that there must be a better way to travel, Cabeau began offering designs of not only memory foam and inflatable neck pillows, but also eye masks, socks, and more.

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humangear was founded in 2007 with a mission to develop “real gear for real humans.” They spend a lot of time listening to individuals’ feedback, observing how they use products, trying to ascertain their wants and needs, and appreciating the entire product development process.


Pomchies were invented while trying to devise a way to use the scraps from a swimwear factory. Formed in 2002, Pomchies are now available in over 2000 stores and across the world.

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In 2000, the founders of MosRepel used their manufacturing expertise to start producing and exporting natural, safe, and convenient mosquito repellent products. Their products are made with the natural DEET-free essences of Citronella Oil and Geraniol and last up to 180 hours.

Wrinkle Wiz

Wrinkle Wiz was created by fabric engineers and a chemist for the sole purpose of making wrinkled clothes wearable.

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