how we work

Proven Process

Our strategic DRIV™ process is established on four distinct pillars. These core disciplines allow us to build customized programs created solely for your company – and continually expand upon them. Collaboration, accountability, and creativity are incorporated into every step of the process. Most importantly, DRIV™ fosters long-term, sustainable growth.
Read more about each pillar of the DRIV™ process to see how this philosophy has helped us create large-scale and profitable programs for some of the biggest retailers in the country.

We immerse ourselves in everything that’s important to you. Our Ideas Incubator initiates a 360° assessment of your current positioning, strategic initiatives, and challenges to identify core needs and opportunities.

In this part of the process, we focus on:

  • Discovering your individual needs and perspective
  • Developing deep market expertise and category understanding
  • Performing competitive intelligence analysis to determine market gaps and undeveloped opportunities
  • Identifying target programs and opportunities

We roadmap high-level strategic initiatives and the planned steps to get there through design, customization, and prioritization, creating unique products for unique needs across multiple brand platforms.

With your specific markets and objectives in mind, we:

  • Start immediately, using our expertise and solid resource network
  • Reduce capital expenditures by utilizing our relationships with core vendors
  • Reduce operating costs by letting our experienced team manage research and development, logistics, and warehousing

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