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The Best Gear to Get You There

Need help developing a product?

That’s our area of expertise

Need someone to manufacture that product?

We have years of experience with that too.

Looking for a marketing story?

We’ve designed many variations of packaging, display, signage and online content for our retail partners.

we offer it all!

Learn how we utilize DRIV™ to create personalized programs that work for you.

Product Design and Development

We’ve partnered with leading retailers to offer unique and cost-effective products for their respective marketplaces. Through our proven DRIV™ process, we’ve been able to significantly expand their travel accessories category. Contact Us.

So how does it work?

We’ll meet with you

We’ll define the scope of your project through our Ideas Incubator, a 360° assessment of your current positioning, strategic initiatives, and challenges, to identify core needs and opportunities.

Then We’ll
Create a Solution

Once we understand the critical levers, we’ll propose a customized solution that includes the entire product lifestyle from idea to design, sampling, cost engineering, manufacturing and more.

On a tight deadline?

1 We Get it

We’re nimble and are able to hit deadlines, ensuring products are in-store for holidays, promotions and anything else that’s important to you.

2 What happens after the product has been developed?

Once designs are complete, we’ll manufacture samples to ensure they’re exactly as you envisioned. Once approved, we start production immediately.

3 Manufacturing and Warehousing

With decades of experience manufacturing diverse product lines, establishing solid factory relationships, and building extensive supply chain services, we’re ready when you are.

What kind of knowledge and expertise do you have?

We’re proficient in soft goods, hard goods, new technologies, and individual materials and components.

Why should we choose you instead of working with a factory on our own?

You can easily reduce your capital expenditures by taking advantage of our established relationships with tried and tested factories. We maintain long-term partnerships with our suppliers and cultivate new relationships when we see a specific need or great opportunity.

What are your warehousing capabilities?

4 Warehousing

Our on-site 50,000 sq ft distribution facility accommodates a variety of fill/ship programs. We’re known for our consistent, on-time delivery and our flexibility. We can even pick and pack as few as one item.

Don’t need warehousing?

We can arrange shipments directly to you.

Whether you need us to manufacture, warehouse, or manage the entire process from start to finish, we can streamline the process so you can focus on sales.

What merchandising & packaging?

5 Merchandising – Contact Us

We know product is only the beginning, and needs a good story to move it forward. We can provide personalized planograms, visually arresting displays and fixtures, alternative packaging structures, engaging collateral, original artwork and images, photography and more.

6 Packaging – Request Samples.

In addition our own Lewis N. Clark story, we’ve created custom packaging for boutique and bigbox retailers. We’re can work within established specifications or create completely new packaging with a compelling and consistent brand message.

7 Planograms – Want Samples?

Whether you need completely new display programs, to fill an existing planogram, or create a promotional sidekick, we have the expertise and partners to carry it forward.

8 Displays – Yes We Can

Display trays are a quick and convenient way to feature product on shelf. Most are pre-loaded – just open and set!

9 Signage

A picture is worth a thousand words, but to be effective in retail, great graphics with a compelling statement sell it best. If you have an idea, we can produce most anything. Contact Us for more details.

Our partnership continues long after the product hits the shelf.

We succeed when you do.

That’s why we believe in ongoing collaboration with our partners to make adjustments as needed for long-term growth. We’ll regularly assess program performance, monitor revenue results, and utilize POS and data points to track success. We’ll also evaluate changing industry trends to ensure your programs remain relevant, innovative, and valuable.

A comprehensive toolbox

Whether we add to your product lineup, customize packaging, or make changes to specific product features, we have the tools to make it happen. And we’ll manage the entire process, including design, sampling, manufacturing, delivery, and more.

Learn how to grow with driv