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Our strategic process is established on four distinct pillars. These core disciplines define and build programs that speak with confidence. Collaboration, accountability, and creativity drive success through every step of the process. Most importantly, DRIV™ fosters long-term, sustainable growth.

Read more about each pillar of the DRIV™ process to see how this philosophy has helped us create large-scale and profitable programs for some of the biggest retailers in the country.

DRIV /discover

We immerse ourselves in everything that’s important to you. Our Ideas Incubator initiates a 360° assessment of your current positioning, strategic initiatives, and challenges to identify core needs and opportunities.

In this launchpad, we;

  • Discover your individual needs and perspective
  • Develop deep market and category expertise
  • Perform competitive intelligence analysis
  • Identify target programs and opportunities

DRIV /roadmap

We roadmap high-level strategic initiatives and the planned steps to get there through design, customization, and prioritization, creating unique products for unique needs across multiple brand platforms.

We’re successful when you’re successful

Our established in-house brands such as Lewis N. Clark, and best-in-class partner brands such as humangear and Cabeau, allow us to offer a selection of products unparalleled in the travel industry. From TSA-Accepted bottles and smart locks, to waterproof pouches and anti-theft bags, our incredible assortment provides retailers the ability to access a full travel program in one place.

1 Our Brands

Comprehensive programs utilize all available tools to develop innovative products that meet individual needs

  • Leverage the brand and market strength of Lewis N. Clark
  • Take advantage of well-developed and category-specific collections

2partner brands

We partner with best-in-class brands that fill unique needs across multiple categories.

  • humangear® containers, utensils and accessories
  • Cabeau® comfort collection
  • GoGirl feminine urinary device
  • eGeeTouch® Smart Travel Lock
  • No-Jet-Lag® Homeopathic Jet Lag Prevention
  • Wrinkle Wiz Wrinkle Remover
  • Pomchies® Pom-ID Luggage Identifiers

3 Private Label

Co-develop unique products with our partners for specific markets and objectives.

  • Start immediately, using our expertise and solid resource network
  • Reduce capital expenditures by utilizing our relationships with core vendors
  • Reduce operating costs by letting our experienced team manage R&D, logistics and warehousing


We know the value of a great name, and understand the intricacies of licensing and rights management.

Leveraging working relationships with top companies, to offer merchandise branded with exclusive and recognized names, can assist in realizing vision and achieving long-term goals.

Even the most basic planogram has many moving parts. We understand the architecture and have the expertise and resources to pull it all together.

DRIV /implement

Our team implements and executes initiatives with a full spectrum of support, including design, sourcing, marketing, merchandising, warehousing, delivery, and much more.

1 Best-in-Class Execution

  • Reliable, on-time delivery
  • Custom picking and packing
  • Just in time inventory
  • Speed and flexibility
  • Management of execution requirements


  • Personalized programs and planograms
  • Eye-catching displays, fixtures and signage
  • Engaging video and collateral

3 Alternative Packaging

  • Customized structures
  • Original artwork and images

DRIV /validate

We succeed when you do. That’s why we begin with the end goal in mind and continually analyze and validate program data.

We will:

  • Regularly review program performance
  • Monitor revenue results on a consistent basis
  • Utilize customer POS and understand data points to constantly monitor performance

We work as collaborative partners with our customers to make adjustments
as needed to maintain long-term growth.

DRIV™ with Us

and develop a visionary process for your own long-term growth.