Our Team, Our Values

Our Company

is more than a place for people to work and make a living. Its Purpose is to impact the lives of its people and its customers. It is a place for people to express themselves, to create new ideas, new designs, to work on challenging problems and to gain a sense of accomplishment. We start where all great companies start, with its people. We look for people who align with our culture who believe in the same core values that we believe will build a great company. These are timeless principles that describe who we are as people. They describe what matters most to us and what kind of people we want to surround ourselves with.

Good People

We strive to be good people. Solid, standup people. Someone you can count on to do the right thing. Someone who’s there when you need them, someone you’re proud to call a friend or colleague.

We’re  Collaborative.

We believe we do better when we work together, and we all do well when each of us does well.


Like any company we run into roadblocks. This is the natural order of business and we see them as challenges to overcome. We seek to ask questions, to determine how we can improve and move forward. We are focused on constant improvement, not to be satisfied with the status quo.


We care about two groups of people above all others – our customers and our people. We don’t pretend to have a crystal ball allowing us to clearly see the future. But what we have is the ability to listen and ask questions. To understand the needs of our customers and our people. To make sure that we do whatever we can to solve a problem to address a need.


We’ve made a promise to ourselves and to our customers that we will always work diligently and with pride to make our company the very best place it can be. To fulfill our purpose to impact the lives of our people and our customers.

Our Core Values, Good People, Collaborative, Determined, Responsive and Committed are the corner stones to our success. You will see within our company many of the byproducts of this foundational approach. We have been in business for more than 30 years and have the honor of claiming three colleagues with each more than 20 years of loyal and exemplary service. We maintain a workforce that is more than double the national average for employee tenure. Our customer base is made up of many of the leading retailers in the USA; REI, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon; all of whom have been dedicated customers of ours for multiples of years.


To be a great company is to live by our core values, to promise to serve the interests of its people and its customers. This is who we are.

Gear Up – We’re Going Places!

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