We roadmap high-level strategic initiatives and the planned steps to get there through design, customization, and prioritization, creating unique products for unique needs across multiple brand platforms.

With your specific markets and objectives in mind, we:

  • Start immediately, using our expertise and solid resource network
  • Reduce capital expenditures by utilizing our relationships with core vendors
  • Reduce operating costs by letting our experienced team manage research and development, logistics, and warehousing


We know the value of a great name and understand the ins and outs of licensing and rights management.

Leveraging working relationships with top companies to offer merchandise branded with exclusive and recognized names can assist in realizing your vision and achieving long-term goals.

We’re successful when you’re successful

Our established in-house brands such as Lewis N. Clark and best-in-class partner brands such as humangear and Cabeau allow us to offer a selection of products unparalleled in the travel industry. From TSA-approved bottles and smart locks to waterproof pouches and anti-theft bags, our incredible assortment provides retailers the ability to access a full travel program in one place.


Our best-in-class execution consists of:

  • Reliable, on-time delivery
  • Custom picking and packing
  • Just in time inventory
  • Speed and flexibility
  • Management of execution requirements

Do you need help developing and designing a product?

That’s our area of expertise

3 product design
& development

We’ve partnered with retailers like REI and Bed Bath and Beyond to offer unique and cost-effective products for their respective marketplaces. Through our proven DRIV™ method, we’ve been able to significantly expand their travel accessories category.

So how does it work?

First, we’ll meet with you to determine the scope of your project. We’ll then research the market to understand gaps in product offerings and identify your target customer. Of course, we’ll also factor in the feedback of the individuals that know their customers best – you.

Do you need someone to manufacture that product?

We have years of experience

2 Manufacturing &

With our years of experience manufacturing a variety of products and collections, established factory relationships, and extensive supply chain services, we’re ready to bring your product to life as soon as you’re ready.

What is Your Benefit?

We have compliance knowledge of Prop 65, RoHS, CPSIA, CPSC, Reach and others. We’re proficient in cut and sew items, hard goods, and individual materials and components.

What about marketing support or packaging & displays?

We have years of experience

1 marketing support

We’ll review your product offerings a minimum of every 6 months to identify opportunities based on your best-selling products, keeping in mind your personal objectives and specific demographics.

A comprehensive toolbox

Whether our proposal includes additions to your product lineup, customized packaging, or changes to specific product features, we have the tools to make it happen. We will continue to manage the entire process, including design, sampling, manufacturing, delivery, and more.

we offer it all!

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